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Imperial Peony Series

Imperial Peony Series

Imperial Peony Series

Color King Imperial Peony Series is designed to make your kitchen and dining table to have a luxurious feel. The noble designs and colors used in this series has made this series one of the most attractive Color King series by far. Besides elevating the atmosphere of your kitchen and dining table, all products from this series also have excellent quality and functionality. Cookware included in this series are Stock Pot, Hot Pot, Cruet Set, A Combo Set, Tea Set, Bowl Set and Plate Set.

Characteristics of the Imperial Peony Series – Stock Pot and Hot Pot

  • Stock Pot comes in capacities of 2500ml, 3500ml and 4500ml, while Hot Pot comes in capacities of 800ml, 1200ml, 1600ml and 2000ml.
  • Applicable on Gas, Electric and Ceramic Stove.
  • Bakelite knob with high mechanical strength. It is resistant to high temperature and does not absorb water.
  • Dishwasher, Freezer, Oven and Microwave friendly. (without the lid)
  • Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) technology to lock in nutrition.
  • Excellent heat retention and heat distribution.
  • Can withstand High temperature changes between 20°c and 450°c.
  • Ergonomic pot handles
  • Excellent product for braising, cooking, stewing, slow cooking, steaming and boiling.

Characteristics of the Imperial Peony Series – Cruet Set

  • First Color King Cruet Set with 3 different lid colors
  • Only product in the Imperial Peony Series with blue color lid
  • Comes with 3 Cruets with lids and spoons, and a 14 inch tray

Characteristics of the Imperial Peony Series – Forget Me Not Tea Set

  • Comes with 1 Teapot (1000ml), 6 teacups (200ml), 1 cannister (400ml) and 1 tea tray
  • The teapot lid has a silicone ring with high mechanical strength to prevent tea leaves to end up in tea cups.
  • The plastic tea tray is made of good quality plastic material, the edge is high enough to prevent water from spilling out.
  • The tea tray comes with a plastic filter plate

Characteristics of the Imperial Peony Series – Bowl Set and Plate Set

  • First ever Color King series that comes with bowls and plates of the same design, matching eye-pleasing dinnerware to your already beautiful Color King ceramic cookware.
  • Bowl Set comes with 4x 4.5″ bowl, 4x 5″ bowl, 2x 6″ bowl and 2x 8″ bowl – a total of 12
  • Plate Set comes with 2x 4″ saucer, 4x 7.5″ plate, 4x 8.5″ plate and 2x 13″ oval plate – a total of 12