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Color King Ceramic Tea sets

Color King Ceramic Tea sets

Color King Ceramic Tea sets

Characteristics of Color King Ceramic Tea sets

Color King prides itself with the health-centric brand proposition. Hence, all the products are engineered using only the high quality materials and they are absolutely safe for our customer. Apart from the wide-ranges of 100% ceramic cooking pots with some of the outstanding benefits, Color King extends its product range to 100% ceramic tea sets.

The minimalist design with the refreshing color schemes, the Color King 100% tea sets will certainly brighten your day up. From our popular Golden Jade tea set which brings out the sense of generosity to the Forget-Me-Not tea set with its floriated design, our tea sets fit gracefully in any of your dining tables.

Our tea sets include features, such as:

  • Our tea pot, tea cups to its serving tray are using 100% ceramic and highly graded bakelite materials to ensure their the safety and longevity.
  • The colors on our tea sets are using sophisticated glazing procedures to ensure its stability, we oppose using spraying nor painting which could cause harmful impact on our customer.
  • The tea filters are designed for whole-leaf loose varieties, which offer a full spectrum of flavors and infusions.
  • All tea sets are accompanied with one serving tray.
  • The tea spout is heartfully designed to prevent dripping.

The Golden Jade Tea Set

  • The sense of exclusivity and value is greatly accentuated because of the pure gold that we use as ingredients of the glaze.
  • The Golden Jade Tea set includes a high-quality straining tray, which you will no longer spill the tea all over the table.
  • Easily remove used teas leaves with the separate tea filter insert. This tea filter insert can be used as coffee strainer too!

The Lily Series Tea Set

  • Minimalist design and colors available making it attractive to most consumers, and fits perfectly on any dining table.
  • Teapots and teacups can be placed on separate trays, allowing easy serving. The trays can be used as a serving dish.
  • The drinkware material is easy to clean.

The Sakura Series Tea Set

  • Inspired by Japanese style drinkware and combined with minimalistic appearance
  • Tray allow easy serving. The tray can also be used as a serving dish.
  • The drinkware material is easy to clean

The Forget-Me-Not Series Tea Set

  • The teapot lid has a double silicone seal to prevent tea leaves to end up in tea cups.
  • The wide opening of teapot allows easy cleaning.