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Color King Ceramic Coffee Accessories

Color King Ceramic Coffee Accessories

Color King Ceramic Coffee Accessories

Characteristics of Color King Ceramic Coffee Accessories

Color King prides itself with the health-centric brand proposition. Hence, all the products are engineered using only the high quality materials and they are absolutely safe for our customer. Apart from the wide-ranges of 100% ceramic cooking pots with some of the outstanding benefits, Color King extends its product range to 100% ceramic coffee accessories, including Italian-inspired cappuccino cup, nostalgic filter-coffee maker and more, with extraordinary ceramic materials.

Color King 100% Ceramic Coffee Accessories are specially designed by Italian-inspired potter with stunning craftsmanship, and only high quality spodumene ore.

The minimalist design with subtle color schemes will easily fit in to all type of kitchens, dining area or even your living space. We would like you to take a minute and imagine your living space, filled with rich aroma of coffee and having our beautifully designed coffee accessories. There is no better morning than with your own freshly brewed coffee at your home.

Our coffee accessories include features, such as:

  • Our coffee cups, coffee makers and saucers are using 100% ceramic┬áto ensure their safety and longevity.
  • The colors on our coffee accessories are using sophisticated glazing procedures to ensure its stability, we oppose using spraying nor painting which could cause harmful impact on our customer.
  • All Italian-inspired coffee cups are accompanied with one saucer.
  • The coffee spout of the filter-coffee maker is heart-fully designed to prevent dripping.
  • Our filter-coffee makers come with three color combinations, which are red velvet, matte black, and our signature color: Bronzy latte.