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Color King Batik Series

Color King Batik Series

Color King Batik Series

The Malaysian batik is a textile art in Malaysia famous for its geometrical designs. The popularity of the Batik design can be linked to the fact that the technique and designing process of batik offers unlimited possibilities for artistic freedom. The designs are simply one in a kind. Though not originated from Malaysia, the Malaysian batik design has its very own identity due to to the immense culture of the multi-racial country and the unique artistic perspective of very creative people in the local fashion industry. For almost 100 years, the history of batik in Malaysia has been full of life and movement.

In line with the Malaysia concept, the Malaysian government is now endorsing Malaysian batik as a national dress to every level of the general population, by having local designers create new batik designs which reflect the Malaysia idea.

Color King Batik Series brings the wonderful Malaysian Batik design into your kitchen. We are celebrating the history of Malaysia Batik which is filled with great creativity, by integrating the design of Malaysia Batik into our high quality 100% ceramic cookware.


Color King Batik Series 4500ml 100% Ceramic Stock Pot – Blue/Purple/Green



Color King Batik Series 2800ml 100% Ceramic Hot Pot – Blue/Purple/Green


  • Applicable on Gas, Electric and Ceramic Stove.
  • Bakelite knob with high mechanical strength. It is resistant to high temperature and does not absorb water.
  • Dishwasher, Freezer, Oven and Microwave friendly. (without the lid)
  • Far Infrared Radiation (FIR) technology to lock in nutrition.
  • Excellent heat retention and heat distribution.
  • Can withstand High temperature changes between 20°c and 450°c.
  • Ergonomic pot handles
  • Excellent product for braising, cooking, stewing, slow cooking, steaming and boiling.


Color King Batik Series Cruet Set

  • Comes with 3 Cruets with lids and spoons, and a 14 inch tray


Color King Batik Series – Pink (Exclusive for SENHENG and senQ)