MSG-Coin Terms & Condition

1. All members will be automatically entitled for MSG-Coin.

2. Every 100 MSG-Coin is equivalent to One Ringgit Malaysia (RM1.00). The rate may be subjected to change due to unforeseen economic circumstances, which will be announced by MySkyGift prior to change.

3. The amount of MSG-Coin accumulated will be recorded in each account holder’s MSG-Coin Account. When an account holder wishes to redeem a number of MSG-Coin, the said number of MSG-Coin will be deducted from the balance last recorded in the MSG-Coin Account, with the oldest MSG-Coin earned being deducted first.

4. Any MSG-Coin which is not used by the account holder within 12 months from the date of issue will automatically expire and be deducted from the MSG-Coin Account. In the event of any discrepancies, the records from as to the account holder’s balance of MSG-Coin will be final and binding.

5. MSG-Coin is NOT convertible to cash.

6. MSG-Coin can be used to offset the total payment of any order in

7. MySkyGift reserves the right to change, modify and/or amend the Terms & Conditions herein at any time without prior notice.