Color King Luxe Casserole


The symbolism of the wheat ears

People often say “may you are safe and have peace all year round.” The Mandarin word “ear" has the same pronunciation as the Mandarin word “year”, this is why the ear of wheat symbolises peace and safety.

The ear of wheat is also called barley, which in Mandarin sounds similar to the word "great sales” of the same language. Therefore, when a new business opens, the ear of wheat will be given out, in the hope that the business will be booming.

The ear of wheat has a beautiful meaning in western mythology. The ear of wheat in the possession of the goddess Ceres symbolises a good harvest. When getting married, flowers and ears of wheat will be placed on the headdress worn by the bride, symbolizing the eternal elements of wealth, luck, prosperity and unlimited creativity.


100% ceramic

Our products are 100% ceramic, no chemical coating hence free from toxic. It is the healthiest cookware you can ever wish for. Stock Pot, Sauce Pot and Cruet Set is available for this series.

Beautiful colors

The Luxe Casserole Series comes in a few beautiful colors. A selection of Purple, Red, Orange and Green, all comes in gradient design.

Cruet Set

Our Luxe Casserole Cruet Set comes with 3 colors in a set – Green, Purple and Pink. It also comes with a ceramic tray and 3 small ceramic spoons.