Color King MiChu Series

About This Series

With the elegant and minimalist design, Color King MiChu Series is bringing modernity to ceramic pots. This series shows the uniqueness of Color King ceramic pots. Ceramic cookware can have a modern and beautiful design, with excellent functionality. Besides the attractive appearance that will appeal to all age group, MiChu series stock pot is also a versatile cookware which can fulfil almost all daily cooking needs such as boiling, braising, steaming, stewing, light-cooking and so on. 

Pastel Colors

The pastel colors used for this series are Sky Blue, Rose Pink and Sea Green. The soft and elegant colors brought out a fresh modern look for ceramic pots. 




100% Ceramic & Food Safe Glazing

All of our products are 100% ceramic. There are no chemical coatings, no PTFE and no PFOA. Besides that, the glaze we used on our products is a food safe glaze that can stand out in every kitchen.

Product Characteristics

materials used

Australian-imported Spodumene Ore

Heat resistance

Our durable ceramic pot can withstand an extreme temperature changes from 20°C to 450°C

stove type

Suitable on Gas Stove, Electric Stove and Ceramic Stove